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Paul McCartney tells a dirty joke. [x]

There’s this guy who gets lost in Ireland and it’s the middle of the night. So he’s looking for some sign of life and he sees up on the hill, he sees a little house with lights on. So he follows this long fence up to the top of the hill and he realises it’s a pub, goes into the pub. It’s completely empty except for the barman. So he goes up to the bar and he says ‘Pint of Guinness, please’.
The barman says ‘Certainly, sir. Pint of Guinness.’
As he’s pulling it, he says ‘Did you notice that fence as you came up?’
He says ‘Yeah, I did. Nice. I followed it up, actually. Nice, straight fence’.
He said ‘I made that fence myself. So do they call me Jones The Fence-maker? No!’
So he gets his drinks and he starts drinking his Guinness and the guy says ‘Do you like this bar? It’s mahogany, I made that myself.’
‘It’s a very nice bar actually. You made that yourself? Fantastic.’
He says, ‘And do they call me Jones The Bar-maker? No! What do you think of that Guinness, do you think I’ve pulled it well?’
‘It’s a very well pulled pint, yes I love that.’
‘But do they call me Jones The Guinness-puller? No! But you fuck one goat!’


George Harrison in Lady Madonna (1968)


— Ringo being an extreme cutie 1/?

Paul McCartney’s adopted daughter Heather in “Let It Be”

"In the old days we’d have the biggest hotel suites, the whole floor of the hotel, and the four of us would end up in the bathroom, just to be with each other." - Ringo Starr

John makes Paul laugh while performing “It Won’t Be Long” on Ready Steady Go! (x)


43 years ago today » concert for bangladeshaugust 1, 1971

"i think the most memorable thing, really, was the fact that is came off and that it worked because there was very little time preceding the concert, to organize it. the concert happened to be on august the 1st because that was  the only day madison square garden was available. so it was pure coincidence. and all the people that were assembled there with very short notice, very little rehearsal in come cases there was no rehearsal. i managed to do a little bit with the horn players and with the rhythm section but that was the main thing, that it actually worked." -george harrison 

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I can show you that when it starts to rain

Everything’s the same

I can show you, I can show you